Jeni Wages

Jeni Wages

Founder/ Owner

Jeni Wages, Founder and Owner, spent many years running races on foot. Her only experience riding a bike was on a road bike for the two triathlons she completed. She completed over 100 races. After finishing an Ultra race she decided she needed a break. Her husband suggested mountain biking. Jeni was hooked with the first descent. She loved the fear and challenge of clearing new obstacles, learning new skills and the thrill of improving.

Along the way she wondered where all the women were in mountain biking. They are everywhere in running. She set out on a quest to find them. She found a true passion for encouraging others to embrace mountain biking. Through this journey Jeni was lucky enough to meet Paige Ramsey. Together they set up skill building clinics for women. Paige instructed while Jeni learned from her. Jeni is an BICP Level 2 MTB Instructor.

Jeni entered the world of racing in 2017 starting with the California Enduro Series. This led to MTB Experience building an Enduro team in 2018. Not only did Jeni win her category for the season, the all female team placed 3rd overall and was the only female team on the podium since 2014. Jeni now leads the race teams for Enduro and Downhill.

Jeni enjoys traveling to ride with others and talk gear, apparel, bikes, trails and anything else mountain biking related!

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