Skills Program Director

Paige Ramsey, Skills Program Director can’t remember if her love for bikes started way back when she was a four year old cruising around on a lime green two-wheeler with coaster brakes, or in 1992 when she hit the dirt on her first mountain bike. However it goes, it didn’t take long to discover that riding in the dirt and in particular downhill, was where she belonged.

Paige has raced pro downhill and dual slalom and has spent time on the cross country course as a Category 1 racer as well. Teaching and coaching had always just fallen into Paige’s lap by request or for a community need. So in 2010, Paige decided to make it official and became certified through USA Cycling as a coach. In 2013, she took it one step further to become an BICP Level 2 MTB Instructor.

Paige has a passion for teaching, whether it is coaching downhill racers, a group of high school mountain bikers or a group of riders who have never ridden before, the thrill of helping others accomplish their goals or conquer a skill never thought possible remains the most exciting part of coaching for her. Recently Paige took that passion to a new level by becoming the trainer of MTB instructors as an BICP Instructor Trainer. 

Paige spends her summers coaching all levels of riders at the Specialized Bike Academy at Northstar Bike Park. The rest of the year is spent coaching clinics and private lessons throughout Northern California.

Along with many years of racing, coaching and teaching mountain biking, Paige is also an ACSM Certified Personal Trainer and Pilates Instructor at 1 Lifestyle Fitness in Auburn CA, specializing in corrective exercise and athlete performance. This unique combo allows Paige to address dysfunctional movement patterns, pain issues and work intensity to help riders of all skill and fitness levels attain their goals on and off the bike.