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 “Jeni- Just a quick note to let you know that I really enjoyed my mountain bike lesson with you.  I learned some great skills from you.  You were easy to talk to and I felt comfortable with you from the beginning.  I like the format of the lesson because we started off with the basics then moved to a trail where your encouragement and fun attitude made the lesson fun, entertaining and informative!!!! I would love to do another lesson with you in the near future!!!!”

Chris E.

Private Lesson Reno NV

“I have had the opportunity to take several MTB Skills Clinics with Coach Paige Ramsey and can honestly say she has made me a better safer rider. I have had coaches in the past that pushed me beyond my skill level. I felt scared and unsafe. Paige assesses her students well and knows what they are capable of accomplishing without putting them in danger. She taught me to ride slower and be in control of my bike instead of bombing down like a crazy monkey. She makes skills understandable and is full of encouragement which builds confidence!! No matter what your skill level is you will learn something from Paige- especially grateful to be reminded of and change my bad riding habits! She has a great sense of humor that puts you at ease at her clinics. I highly recommend Paige as a MTB coach!Thanks for all your help Paige!!” 

Stephanie Ruff

“I had been riding for 4 years without any formal training. I really did not need to take a skills clinic, but I had a dropper post put on my bike and I had no clue when, how or where to use it. Paige taught me everything I needed and the next time I went riding, I was using it like a Pro. Her training really came in handy when Hoot trail opened. I made it through all of the tight turns and the entire trail was fun…before training, I would have skipped it all together.”

Joy Weskamp

Freeplay Clinic participant

“Taking a clinic from Jeni is pure joy! Her passion and love for mountain biking shines strong!! Jeni’s enthusiasm and ability to break things down so you can understand the concept is spot on! She makes you feel comfortable and at ease- which makes learning easier.”

Stephanie Ruff

“No one has affected my riding more than Paige Ramsey. She has a plan, and if you listen to her, you DO see the light. Her influence has been the single biggest factor in my mountain bike proficiency—and I’ve been riding mountain bikes since the ‘80s! Paige just gets it. I don’t think there’s a mountain biker on the planet she couldn’t help.” 

Marti Stephen

Former mountain bike editor, VeloNews

“I took a 2 day women’s mountain bike clinic where Paige Ramsey was an instructor in July of 2016. Paige is a knowledgeable, thorough and skilled instructor. The day was well orchestrated, organized, and safe, with lessons catering to a range of beginner to intermediate riders. I was impressed with Paige’s ability to watch and provide feedback at the individual level despite the large group. I learned so much over the weekend, and appreciated Paige’s patience and ability to provide coaching through a variety of different techniques until I finally “got it”, as well as her confidence building skills that got me accomplishing feats I’d never thought I would advance to! I would highly recommend Paige as an instructor, and hope I have the opportunity to take lessons from her in the future!”

Jeanne Bergen

Specialized Bike Academy's Her Mountain at Northstar participant