I don’t normally post about food. Nonetheless holy shite I can’t stop obsessing over these vegan pancakes. The recipe was adapted by http://runningonrealfood.com/4-ingredient-mega-fluffy-vegan-protein-pancakes/.

I am super picky about protein. I don’t like eggs, fish, red meat, turkey and ground meat. My chicken has to be cooked to the point of jerky.  I like ham and bacon without the fat, but I don’t like the nitrates.

I realize smoothies are a great way to get a dose of protein powder. However sometimes I am lazy. So lazy in fact I don’t want to assemble or clean the blender. Not to mention in the mornings I like food I can chew. This is where these pancakes come in. I love that they have approximately 23 grams of protein* and they taste delicious!

I halved the recipe and made a substitution:

1/8 cup of protein powder (I used Vega Sport Performance Vanilla Flavor Protein Powder)

1/2 cup of quinoa flour (original recipe calls for a different flour but this is what I had on hand)

1 tbsp of maple syrup

¼ tsp of salt

2 tsp of baking powder

Add enough water to make batter, usually between 1/4-1/2 cup

I topped with warmed berries and butter since there was already maple syrup in the batter. YUM!

Pancakes Photo

*Protein is an estimate based of the amount in a serving of protein powder and a serving of quinoa flour.