Earlier in the week I posted on Facebook looking for recommendations for bibs. A local racer was quick to shout Giro Halter! I received a few other suggestions but due to needing something for my race yesterday I was subject to whatever was available on Amazon Prime. I ordered two different bibs to try. The Giro Halter Bib and the Sugoi Bib. The reason I ordered that one even though it wasn’t a recommendation is that it had good reviews and I have a pair of running pants from that brand that I love. Luckily I received both in time for the race. I tried on the Sugoi first. Right away I noticed the adhesive on the leg bands. Unfortunately I am allergic to adhesive. It would have to be pretty amaze balls to warrant the rash. After walking around for a few minutes it didn’t. Although I appreciated the clips on the suspenders for easy access in a bathroom situation. Sugoi Bibs Photo Next I tried on the Giro Halter Bib. Oh my. Super soft and comfy. I was worried it would be hot because the front is not open like other bibs. It has a mesh overlay. When I first tried it on, I thought do I wear a jog bra? Without a jog bra it looks awfully porn-esq. However is that too much clothing with a bra. I tried it on for Justin without a bra. With eyes bugging out of his head he said absolutely you need to wear a bra. Giro Halter Bib Photo On race morning I discovered how incredible the halter was. It slipped easily off my neck so I could take care of business in a port-a-potty quickly. I always worried about the bib situation trying to pee in the woods. I didn’t take into account the LESS MINUTES THE BETTER IN EVERY PORT-A-POTTY ON RACE NERVES MORNING. There was definitely a need to get in and out asap. This bib was so comfy and awesome I starting promoting it. Every girl I met I would point it out and be like you ever heard of this bib? Holy crap girlfriend, ditch the muffin top chamois and get this bib asap! It was also not hot. It wasn’t a particularly hot day but I don’t think the mesh will make a difference. I was happy to note it may have helped with the cupcake not falling asleep as badly. It was definitely better than any other ride and I climbed wayyyyyyyyyyy more than I normally do. Best of all no damn muffin top! Everything was where it was supposed to be without being squeezed to death. Louisa you are a life saver!! I am going to come by your work and give you a Women’s MTB Experience sticker! Author’s note: the term cupcake was coined by Amber Streiff. It sent all us racing girls into a fit of giggles when it was used.