Recently we went for a ride with Brian, BKXC. After riding for a bit, Justin and Brian went off to video a bike check of Justin’s new bike, Evil’s The Calling. They were gone forever. Little did I know that Brian let Justin have full reign of the bike check. My guy can talk endless about bikes. I can’t fault him for this though. I would not know all I do about bikes in such a short period of time if it wasn’t for him talking my ear off and making me watch countless bike/gear review videos. While watching this video I couldn’t help but laugh. Justin must have been in dreamland given 17 minutes of pure talking.

Oh and for everyone in the comments super impressed by his one lung. I have run several marathons and an ultra. He still leaves me in the dust on climbs.

Be sure to watch Brian’s videos on his YouTube channel BKXC! Every video is an inspiration to go ride!