Congrats to all the women who competed in the first round of the California Enduro Series – Toro Enduro – yesterday!

Special shout out to the MTB Experience team members who placed top five in their categories!

Heidi Kanayan – Pro/Open Women – 5th place
Vanessa Orlandi – Sport Women – 2nd place
Katrin Deetz – Sport Women 35+ – 1st place
Jeni Boltshauser – Sport Women 35+ – 4th place
Britton Nixon – Beginner Women – 4th place
Stephanie Louis – Beginner Women – 5th place

Check out the full results at

Pro/Open Women
1st – Essence Barton
2nd – Brianne Spiersch
3rd – Caroline Jarolimek
4th – Zephyr Sylvester
5th – Heidi Kanayan

Sport Women
1st – Mallory Roberts
2nd – Vanessa Orlandi
3rd – Macy Craft
4th – Alisha Anderson
5th – Sarah Francis

Sport Women 35+
1st – Katrin Deetz
2nd – Margaret Shirley
3rd – Nicole Falk
4th – Jeni Boltshauser (Not Pictured)
5th – Danilu Ramirez

Beginner Women
1st – Brianna Vinsonhaler
2nd – Linnea Jackson
3rd – Kayla Young
4th – Britton Nixon
5th – Stephanie Louis

MTB Experience team participants:
Heidi Kanayan
Katrin Deetz
Jeni Boltshauser
Vanessa Orlandi
Morgan Smith
Karaline Magee
Stephanie Louis
Michelle Grady
Kim Rafter
Jenna Peterson
Karen Sked

Friday Team Pre-Ride

Steep transfer climbs led to many of us pushing our bikes on foot!

It was super windy at the top of stage 3, so a group of us hunkered down to hide from the wind!

Feel free to post any pictures you have at the event below, follow @mtbexp on Instagram, and check out #mtbexpraceteam on Instagram to follow our season

-Kim, Race Team Organizer and Community Relations Manager