Round 3 of the California Enduro Series was a true test of rider’s abilities. China Peak is known for its technically demanding terrain.

On the podium from the MTB Experience team were:

Heidi Kanayan – Pro/Open Women – 3rd place
Sara Schneider – Expert – 1st place
Kristen del Campo – Expert – 5th place
Katrin Deetz – Sport Women 35+ – 1st place
Jeni Boltshauser – Sport Women 35+ – 3rd place
Morgan Smith – Sport Women – 5th place
Michelle Grady – Beginner Women – 2nd place
Meghan Harwood – Beginner Women – 3rd place

Check out the full results at–golden-tour-round-1–china-peak-enduro.html.

China Peak has quite the reputation that shows in the ratio of women riders versus men. From Jeni, “At one stage the women had congregated into a tiny area to escape the relentless sun while waiting to start. Many of the riders were lamenting on how their previous stages had went. There was a lot of ‘I wasn’t as fast as I hoped’ ‘I struggled with that technical section in the beginning’ ‘the loose switchbacks went bad for me’ talk going on. I was quick to point out, look around. There are not that many women here. Yet here we are. We should all be proud we are racing! This is the last stage so finishing this is an amazing feat!”



Pro/Open Women:
1st – Janea Perry
2nd – Zephyr Sylvester
3rd – Heidi Kanayan
4th – Amanda Propst
5th – Lili Heim

Expert Women:
1st – Sara Schneider
2nd – Christine Sodaro
3rd – Syra Fillat
4th – Courtney Short
5th – Kristen del Campo

Sport Women:
1st – Macy Craft
2nd – Lauren Desrosiers
3rd – Alisha Anderson
4th – Amy Lamonska
5th – Morgan Smith


Sport Women 35+:
Katrin Deetz
Erica Sander
Jeni Boltshauser
Nicole Falk


Beginner Women:
1st – Annalisa Sims
2nd – Michelle Grady
3rd – Meghan Harwood
4th – Linnea Jackson


Next up Round 4 at Cranks and Crafts Enduro at Snow Summit Bike Park in Big Bear Lake California!