For Father’s Day we would like to thank all the men in our lives, not just the dads. We are MTB girls. This means we are a fun but big pain in the ass. And we need to say thank you.

Thank you for shuttling us. Even though we never return the favor for you and your boys.

Thank you for listening to our stories of all the braapping that went on during one of those shuttles.

Thank you for letting us gloat when we discover we beat you on Strava.

Thank you for not getting angry when we threaten to cut your hand off if you touch the brake pad we are trying to diligently change while you watched us painstakingly follow a You Tube video for 30 minutes.

Thank you for not telling anyone when we chickened out of that drop. Even though we told everyone we towed you in on one.

Thank you for not saying anything when we surpassed you with the number of bikes in the garage.

Thank you for not saying anything when we show up to family functions sweaty, dirty, knee pads pulled down with mud on the back of our shorts.

Thank you for hanging out all day at races providing cookies, water, chips and cheers along the way.

Thank you for being the most supportive, encouraging partner we could ever ask for!