One of the most common questions we get in our Facebook group is, “What kneepads do you recommend?” There are so many options, we thought we’d share what we wear!


MTB Experience Race Team Organizer
Enduro and Downhill Racer

I wear different pads for different types of riding: Fox Launch Pro D30 Knee Guards, POC VPD Air Knee pads for moderately technical terrain, and Kali Mission Knee Guards for nontechnical terrain.


Fox Launch Pro D30 Knee Guards

-Uses: Downhill and enduro
-Crash tested: Yes
-Comfort Level: 8/10

I wear these for downhill riding and technical enduro races. These give me confidence when I’m riding technical downhill terrain. They are durable and I like the hard surface that doesn’t catch on rocks if I crash. They stay in place and protect my knees! The one downside of these pads is they have adhesive around the inside edges that my skin reacts to when wearing them for long periods of time.

Purchase on Amazon here:  Fox Launch Pro



POC VPD Air Knee Pads 


-Uses: Moderately technical terrain with pedaling
-Crash tested: Yes
-Comfort Level: 8/10

For moderately technical terrain with pedaling, I wear the POC VPD Air Knee pads. I’ve worn these pads for three seasons, and they’ve held up. Only recently they are tearing at the seams. These are another great set of pads, but they have pulled down in crashes. I’ve scratched up the top of my knees when that has happened.

Purchase on Amazon here:  POC VPD Air



Kali Mission Knee Guards

-Uses: Nontechnical trails
-Crash tested: No
-Comfort Level: 6/10

Finally, for generally nontechnical terrain I wear the Kali Mission Knee Guards. These are good for lightweight protection (I wouldn’t wear these on rocky trails). However, they are not very comfortable. They also have adhesive around the inside edges that my skin reacts to.

Purchase on Amazon Here: Kali Mission Knee Guards


MTB Experience Coach
Enduro and Downhill Racer

IXS Flow EVO+ Knee Guard



-Uses: casual riding and racing (enduro and downhill)
-Crash tested: Yes
-Comfort Level: 9/10

These knee pads have been my go-to choice for all riding styles for the past 4 months. From bike park laps in Whistler and Northstar to enduro climbing transfers and the machine wash cycles in between, they’ve held up. Imagine slipping into a pair of those comfy slipper socks you get from your mom every year.. but keep sliding them up to those precious knee caps and brace for impact. The point being, in terms of knee pads they COME-FEE! The silicone band on the inside helps keep these babies in place above your knee and the velcro adjustable strap at the bottom tightens or loosens to your desire around your calf. I’ll come clean, I first tried these knee pads on in my LBS. It wasn’t premeditated or anything, I was just looking to kill time in the shop as the 18 year old mechanic was overcharging me for some basic work on my bike (which I had insisted I would rather do myself…but that’s another story). I realized once I strapped them on that they were going to be my next pair. After searching the web, I found the price didn’t fluctuate at all so I settled on the next best thing, speedy delivery and purchased them on I don’t know if the sizing is true to size or not, or maybe I’m just too lazy to take a measuring tape to my knees, but I settled for the XL. There’s no need for self-conscious knee thoughts, just GET WHAT FITS.

Purchase on Amazon Here: IXS Flow Evo + Knee Pad


MTB Experience Owner
Enduro and Downhill racer

I wear different pads for different types of riding as well. The pads I wear most often are the Fox Launch Pro and IXS Flow same as Kim and Sara.

Fox Launch Pro see above for photo and link to purchase
-Uses: Downhill
-Crash tested: Yes
-Comfort Level: 8/10

I got these working at Northstar 2 years ago and they are my favorite DH pads. I have crashed so bad I broke my ankle and they held up like a boss. A few years ago I was racing an Enduro at Big Bear and wearing G-Forms. Well I crashed and the G-Forms failed miserably. They ripped and slid down. I had to take a trip to the medic to get bandaged up and thankfully had these knee pads in my car. I thought they would be hot and uncomfortable to climb in and they were not at all. These are a great pad for bike parks and any technical terrain you would like to save your knees on.

Another photo just so you can laugh at me wearing mismatched socks at the bike park. Always check your socks before you leave the house people!


IXS Flow EVO+ Knee Guard see photo and link to purchase above

-Uses: Enduro and technical riding (these are my favorite!)
-Crash tested: Yes
-Comfort Level: 9/10

I actually can’t remember if I have crashed in these but I am sure I have. Which means they did their job. I got these after Sara was raving about them. They are so soft and comfy, but have a hard shell to protect the knee during impact. In enduro racing we are in pads all day. These are the only pads I can wear all day and not want to rip off by the end of the day. I did have to size up. I normally wear a size small knee pad and had to get a medium.



Fox Enduro Racing Knee Sleeve


-Uses: casual riding
-Crash tested: Yes
-Comfort Level: 7/10

These are my casual knee pads for riding terrain I am not fearful of crashing on. I crashed on rocky terrain in them and they did not have enough padding. My knee got really banged up. However they are somewhat comfy and I can wear them for short, not technical riding. I say short because I react to the adhesive if I wear them too long.

Purchase on Amazon Here: Fox Racing Enduro Knee Sleeve



RaceFace Charge Leg Guard

-Uses: coaching
-Crash tested: Yes
-Comfort Level: 10/10

These are the pads I use when I want protection from pedal strikes while coaching. In coaching we do a lot of lifts and different skills that can result in some nasty shin gouges if you slip a pedal. In addition I think it’s always a good example to wear pads no matter what- you never know when you will crash. I can wear these all day. They are super long on me almost like a leg warmer which is super nice in the winter. However there is very little padding on the knee so I would not recommend them for crash protection.


Purchase on Amazon Here: RaceFace Charge Leg Guards