Women’s MTB Weekend Moab, Utah

 May 3rd – May 5th 2019

Friday 11am – Sunday 2pm

Price: $550

No Refunds After April 1st 2019.

Let’s Ride Moab!!!!!!

Friday May 3rd – May 5th 2019
Friday 11am – Sunday 2pm
Registration includes camping, onsite catered meals from a professional chef, riding, and more riding, smores, and stoke!

Price: $550

What is included:
On site camping
On site catered meals from a professional chef
Swag bag
Coached rides on incredible terrain, ranging from 2-6 hours per day
4-6 riders per certified coach. While this is not a skills clinic, all of our ride leaders for this trip are certified coaches. We will session if desired as well as give on trail coaching.
S’mores, new friends and lots of learning
Tons of fun!

Tentative Weekend Schedule:


We hit the ground spinning with introductions, bike checks and a quick FUNdamentals clinic to make sure we are warmed up and ready to have fun on the trails!  We will shuttle up to the Moab Brands Trail system and get our “wheels wet” so to speak, on the slick rock, sand, punchy climbs, ledges and lose rocks that make up the entire Moab area. Its a great place to hit multiple short laps of varying difficulty. A wonderful first ride of the trip! We can play on various loops out here giving everyone a chance to challenge themselves on very technical terrain without being too far out in the back country. Expect 5-10 miles with under 1500 ft of climbing. We will ride back to camp and enjoy a fantastic dinner!


Navajo Rocks Trails:

This blue rated trail system is perfect for fit, strong intermediate riders. Any drops and ledges are small and exposure is limited.  We will navigate a variety of typical Moab terrain. Did we mention spectacular views? You’ll encounter slick rock, sand, double track and single track, Pretty much you’ll get to see it all. Close to 20 miles with about 1700 feet of climbing, we will start at Navajo Rocks Chaco Loop. Ride a big figure eight consisting of several trails. Rocky Tops to Middle Earth, over to Big Mesa, Big Lonely and then Coney Island. Back across Middle Earth to even more fun stuff! Finish the ride up (actually, its mostly down from here) on Ramblin’.

*There is no shuttle for Navajo Rocks. We will carpool to get up there.*

 Porcupine Rim Trail: 

This double black and black rated trail system is for advanced riders only.  There are large drops and ledges with several hike a bike sections. In addition significant exposure close to the edge of a cliff, far out in back country. Fitness level needs to be advanced to ensure group stays on track to finish within a certain amount of time. If you sign up for this option and any coach after Friday’s ride does not feel comfortable with your skill level you will not be able to join this ride and will be offered another option.

A shuttle ride up to Porcupine Rim Trail! World famous views and amazing riding!  We will hit around 14 miles (possibly up to 22 depending on the snow level) and about 1400 feet of climbing. You’ll encounter slick rock, sand, double track and single track, small to large drops, exposed edge riding and some hike a bike sections. Nearly all of this ride is accompanied by spectacular views and dizzying heights. We will drop down twisty single track to the Colorado river. We will ride back to camp from here. Even though this ride is only 14 miles, this terrain is demanding and you will find yourself fatigued sooner than expected.

If ALL this riding isn’t enough for you, a trip to the Moab Bike Park could be in order! If you’ve had enough riding after these rides, hit the town for some fantastic shopping at the local bike shops, souvenir shopping, a gelato or a happy hour drink.

Saturday night after dinner, expect a campfire and bike related activities of some kind, s’mores and more fun.


Klondike Bluffs Trails: This trail system is a superb way to close out a weekend of riding. The riding here is less demanding than what we ride on Saturday. However it is some of the most fun you’ll have on your bike! The climbs aren’t long, but they are punchy. The downhill’s are fast and rocky with a side of flow.  Most of the trails here are labeled blue with just a few black trails here and there.

What to know more about Moab? Check out our post about last year’s retreat at https://mtbexp.com/womens-mtb-weekend-recap-moab-utah/ !


Q: I’ve never ridden a bike before. Can I still come to this event?

A: We SO want you to join us for an event! However Moab is not the event for beginner or novice riders. The terrain is rocky, rough and the fitness demands will be many. Not all clinics and retreats are created equal. Please review our rider level/skill guide. Fundamental Clinics are open to all levels of riders. Retreats, AdvanceClinics and Mini Clinics will be open to specific skill levels

Q: I’m traveling by plane, train or bus and don’t want to pack my bike. May I borrow or rent one?

A: Rentals are available at local bike shops. We recommend Chili Bike Pepper Bike Shop. Rentals get booked quick so reserve your bike asap.

Q: My bike is packed and flying with me. Are you able to build my bike for me? I don’t know how.

A: MTB Experience will NOT build your bike after traveling. Please make arrangements with a local shop to have this done.

Q: I am concerned about fixing my bike or flat.

A: Mechanicals happen! Of course we will be here to help with any issues that happen on the trail. Flats, broken chain, etc.  What we CANNOT do, is general maintenance or repairs before the event. If your bike needs new tires, a chain or brake pads. Please have that done BEFORE you come to this event. If you have a major mechanical while in Moab, there are plenty of bike shops that can sell and install the part you might need to get you back riding.

Q: Will I have to provide my own camping equipment?

A: You will have to provide your own tent, sleep bag, and sleeping pad. MTB Experience will be providing your meals. You do not need to worry about bringing cooking equipment. We do have water on site. However please bring water bottles, hydration packs and anything else you want to have in order to keep water on you at all times. The weather in Moab is very dry. If you have special supplements or feel like you are going to want special food or treats that may need to happen outside of regular meal times, you’ll probably want to pack those as well.

Q: May my husband or boyfriend join in?

A: We dig our guys too! However, this Moab trip is ladies only.  If your guy travels with you, that is great. However camping, rides and other events are exclusive to retreat participants only. We are sure he can find some other entertainment while you are out having a blast with us!

Q: My dog always comes! Can I bring him?

A: We hear ya! We SO miss our dogs when we are out on these events too! Our time is going to be filled with riding and we won’t be around much to take care of our furry friends in the Moab desert. For the comfort and safety of Fido, please leave him at home.

Q: I’m vegan! I’m gluten free! Will I be able to eat?

A: During registration we gather your dietary needs. We have a personal chef that should be able to accommodate all requests. If you have very bad allergies or need a VERY special diet, you may want to bring your own snacks and supplements for rides.