In addition to coaching clinics we hold MTB weekend retreats across the country. We choose areas that provide great riding with opportunities to practice and test your skills. Generally we keep our retreats to 20 riders with 4 coaches helping keep groups small out on the trail. We are known for bringing riders together who quickly become life long MTB friends. Our goal is to make each weekend like a weekend of mountain biking with your closest friends, even if you come alone. Don’t be afraid to join us- we would love to ride with you!

From MTB Experience rider Donna Ellsworth who attended the Moab and Georgetown retreats in 2018 “…the experience was so incredibly amazing. The growth, both as a rider and as a person, was measurable! Thanks Jeni Boltshauser and Paige Ramsey for making all this possible and to the other coaches and volunteers you ladies (and a couple dudes…Justin being one) all rocked. Feel fortunate and thankful that I met so many amazing people that first retreat, including my Best Friend Jeani Mangrum!!

If you’re reading this and still on the fence about doing one of the retreats (or even a clinic)…do it (jump all in)! I can remember having so many thoughts and nerves about going to Moab (far away) and not knowing a single person and not really sure of my riding ability. Also not sure how the dynamic would be with that many girls all in one place, what would the personalities be etc…I can tell you right now that if you love riding your bike and being outdoors then you will have no problems “fitting in”. I don’t think there was a single moment I felt alone or awkward. I only bring this up because for me it was the one thing that almost kept me from going to Moab….so glad I got a little uncomfortable with the unknown, it led to one of the best trips ever and has led to so many more since! It’s literally changed my life for the better!”



Please join us in our Facebook group Women’s MTB Experience for current happenings!

We look forward to riding and sharing experiences with you!

-Jeni and Paige

Rider Levels

Here is how we define rider levels to ease the anxiety of knowing your level of riding and which clinic would best suit your needs:

New Rider!

The title says it ALL!  You are new to riding!

Your pace is easy and cautious, with the goal of getting comfortable with your bike and want to learn the basics: body position, shifting, braking, easy cornering. You have either not ridden at all or mostly bike paths and mellow singletrack. You can meet fitness demands up to 2 hours and under 1000 ft of climbing. You are new to riding!

Beginner Mountain Biker!

You’ve got the basics! You know how to shift, you know which is your front and rear brake. You may still have a hard time with ready position or may not know what that means. However you’ve been riding some and have a little fitness under your belt. You are moving away from dirt roads and want to explore more single track. Rocky sections, climbing and descending are new skills you want to learn! You probably ride a few times a month, once a week when you’ve got time.

Advanced Beginner!

You are seeking out single track! Starting to ride some small obstacles, your hills are getting steeper and you don’t mind small rocks! Your hills are getting longer and you are good with it! You don’t need as many breaks and you are riding at least once a week and trying to figure out how to get more in.


You can manage a ride exclusively on single track. You are descending at a fast pace on flowy smoother single track and can handle steep descents, rutted fire roads and obstacles. You can climb steeper single track terrain and can make it over smaller rocks, roots and ruts. You are looking for ways to kick the intensity up. You’re starting to look for ways to be in the air.  You know what a basic front wheel lift is and you’ve got it dialed!  You can handle at least 15 miles and 2-3 hours in the saddle. You ride 2-3 times a week typically. You may even be hitting the gym to improve core strength and power.

Advanced Intermediate!

You are FAST! You are in the AIR! However you probably want to get better there. At the Bike Park your tires leave the ground all the time but may not find the transition yet. You land on top of the table with ease.  A 2 to 3 foot drop is what you’re all about! Got a big root to get over or some rocks on the climb? Not a problem! You ride a lot and while you not be able to keep up with the pro, you’re on your way. You’re able to get down black runs and trails with lots of rocks, very steep descents and some drops. You ride at least 3 times a week and you’re hitting the gym, cuz you wouldn’t be able to ride the fun stuff if you didn’t! You can handle 3-4 hrs in the saddle and 3000 ft of climbing.


Catch me if you can! Once again, you are fast! Up and down. You know the transition of a jump and can’t get enough of it. No climb scares you. Drop at the bike park? 4-6 feet doesn’t scare you. You can handle pretty much whatever you come across. You seek out rough, technical downhills.  4-6 hrs in the saddle is a breeze.

Pro Rider!

You do EVERYTHING listed above but its gonna be faster and the intensity is CRAZY!