You want to see what happens when you don’t wear your knee pads? Check out my girl’s photos.

Now I have ridden enough with my friend to know she has adequate protective gear. However we all know that the bad crash happens when you aren’t wearing all your gear cause you were assuming you weren’t going to ride that hard. I am a very big advocate for knee pads. As coaches Paige and I wear them every clinic. Ask the scar on Paige’s shin about how easy it is to pedal slip without even doing something gnarly.

I have to admit, it bothers me when I see riders in pictures without knee pads. It seems to be more common in pictures of women. Crashes don’t choose one gender over another. They happen to every rider at some point. I always wear knee pads unless I am going very slow with my son. Which is still not a good excuse. Whenever my knee slams into the ground unexpectedly I am so grateful for my knee pads. (Two days ago I thanked them)I have 4 pairs. I rotate through them depending on what style of riding I am doing. Lately my GForms have been saving my knees and I am very grateful. They have actually been doing so well they were chosen to be the pad for my child.

So I say protect those sexy legs!

And to my homie- heal up soon girlfriend and thanks for letting me share your photos! It was fun playing chase until that rude berm took your bike out.

Pillar's knees